Our Story

Our journey begins in 2015, with four independent designers on a mission to create a streetwear collection inspired by their different backgrounds as well as their individual creative vision. For the next four years, they spent their time drawing up designs and putting together a team of professionals that could bring this collective dream to life. It wasn’t easy, but they got there and by the fall of 2019, the first sample of shoes were produced.

Fashion Fuse footwear and clothing can be worn season after season. Great designs never go out of fashion. We are inspired by the past and present, as well as the diversity of our own creative team. Our products are designed to last and be loved, while abiding to an ethical and sustainable choice that prioritizes both creativity and quality.

Our brand and products are a result of years of dreaming of an unconventional fashion store that brings together adherents of the unconventional and the conventional. Is that possible to achieve? Yes! All you have to do is dream and dare to light up the FUSE.